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Shell Creek RV Resort & Marina


As a resident with a home located in Shell Creek RV Resort & Marina we wanted to provide an update with respect to the status of your community subsequent to the devastation created by Hurricane Ian. Cleanup activities have begun at all affected properties. Convoys of supplies, food, travel trailers, and trucks, have been delivered to the region, and we will continue to support our residents and team as we work through the recovery process.

We’ve had the opportunity to visit your community and speak with many of our residents impacted by the storm. I will reiterate that we are 100% committed to restoring your community.

One of the first steps in the recovery process is to evaluate the infrastructure. Hurricane Ian brought down powerlines, overloaded water systems, flooded homes and building structures and shut down our sewer lines.  We have contractors working daily to determine the impact and the steps needed in order to restore these facilities.  The condition of the infrastructure and any governmental requirements will largely determine how we proceed with restoring the community and the timeline it takes. In the spirit of being very transparent with you, we do not know that timeline yet and this could be a long process.

Second, we need to understand the status of each of your homes. It is our understanding that home habitability decisions will be made at the determination of the respective county officials in which the home is situated Charlotte County. If you have homeowners’ insurance coverage for your home, please arrange for your adjustor to make a determination on any claim you wish to process before November 11, 2022. If you need additional time please notify us.

Some residents have expressed an interest in abandoning their homes. If that is of interest to you, Sun will incur costs associated with the removal of your home.  To facilitate this process, we’ve set up an online portal to help. Please click the “Complete Form” button above to begin.

While restoration will remain a developing process for the foreseeable future, we hope to have a better idea of the steps required for restoration within the next 30 days and thus, will not be charging any residents October 2022 rent. We will communicate future rent decisions by the 15th of the prior month to rent being due. As this project progresses, the time between project updates may vary greatly, however, we have added a section on the above website for you to access updates as they are available.

Sun Communities, Inc. has been committed as an owner, operator, and developer of Manufactured Home (MH) and Recreational Vehicle (RV) communities for nearly 50 years. Please rest assured that we will work diligently to bring back all the lifestyle you enjoyed the most in your community and hopefully even more.

Thank you for calling Shell Creek RV Resort & Marina home, and we look forward to celebrating the reopening of your community with you in the future.


Bruce Thelen

Executive Vice President of Operations and Sales

Sun Communities, Inc

If you require assistance with this process, please visit our FAQs, contact us via email at hurricaneian@suncommunities.com or by phone at (833) 863-1130.

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