Our Attractive & Competitive Acquisition Program

As one of America’s largest owners and operators of manufactured housing communities and RV resorts, Sun Communities has built a solid foundation for the most attractive and competitive community acquisition programs in the industry.

Since going public with 31 communities in December, 1993, Sun has methodically assembled one of the largest portfolios of manufactured housing communities and RV resorts in the United States. Sun has invested over $3 billion in acquiring individual communities and multi-property portfolios and has grown from 6,000 sites in 1993 to over 90,000 sites today.

Our Criteria

  • Manufactured housing communities with a minimum of 200 home sites located near metropolitan areas with a population of at least 100,000
  • RV resorts and campgrounds located in destination resort areas within a two hour drive of major population centers
  • All age, family-oriented and retirement communities/resorts
  • Manufactured housing site sizes of 50’ x 100’ or greater
  • Both RV resorts and campgrounds with 50% or greater annual leases, as well as more transient campgrounds with stable revenue trends
  • Local market areas with vacancy of less than 20%
  • Minimum rent growth potential of 3% per annum
  • Public utilities preferred
  • Expansion potential a plus

Flexible Terms

Sun Communities has consistently provided a liquid market for the disposition of high-quality manufactured housing communities and RV resorts with terms designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of community owners. We have the financial flexibility and strength to structure terms to help meet your objectives, including:

  • Tax deferred (operating partnership units [OP] & preferred operating partnership units [POP]).
  • All cash deals.
  • Cash to existing debt.

Tax Deferred Transactions

Owners facing significant tax liability following the sale of their communities/resorts may realize substantial benefits by receiving Sun Communities stock (OP & POP units). We have acquired well over $1 billion worth of communities utilizing OP & POP units. This structure enables sellers to effectively defer their tax liability while they maintain a liquid position in a NYSE company. These OP & POP unit holders have benefited from Sun's consistent cash distributions.

Sun’s credibility and track-record are among the strongest in the nation, making OP & POP unit ownership an attractive option for both tax-deferred advantages and significant investment value.

All Cash Deals

Sun Communities offers unparalleled capital resources to quickly consummate all-cash purchases of individual properties as well as major portfolios. Our line of credit, designated for acquisitions, can provide you with unmatched liquidity.

Quick Closings

Sellers can rely on our acquisitions team to complete in-depth due diligence and close transactions on a timely basis. To expedite the process, our acquisitions team coordinates this effort with our senior management, operations, accounting, management information systems and regional property managers.

Sun is widely recognized for our professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and smooth collaboration with sellers.

We offer four distinct advantages:

  1. Organizational strength to offer flexible terms
  2. Large capital resources to acquire individual and multiple property portfolios
  3. Responsiveness to move rapidly and close on a timely basis
  4. Confidentiality throughout the entire transaction

If you are currently considering the sale of an individual community/resort or multi-property portfolio, our acquisitions team looks forward to working with you! If your community/resort is not currently for sale, why not take this time to establish a relationship with Sun that might benefit both parties in the future?

Mail/email your investment packages to:
Jonathan Colman
Executive Vice President
Sun Communities, Inc.
27777 Franklin Road, #200
Southfield, MI 48034

(888) 861-2997

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